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Hello and thank you for stopping by! :)

I'm a writer and translator the Czech Republic who loves to read. I'm also a published author.
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*Currently not accepting books for review.

My review policy:

The genre I enjoy & things I look for in books:

- literary fiction
- magical realism and (low) fantasy
- (cozy) mysteries and gothic novels
- folklore, myths, and fairy-tales in any shape or form
- intersectional feminism (fiction and non-fiction)
- illustrated children books and middle grade
- historical fiction

I post reviews on Goodreads and my Instagram profile. In general, I prefer to talk about books I've enjoyed (3 stars and more), unless I find them problematic (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.) and it needs to be pointed out.

Where I post my reviews?

My blog, Goodreads, and sometimes Amazon as well.

How long will it take to review?

That depends; I’ll try to read your book as soon as possible. However, books I personally requested have priority. And sometimes real life gets in the way as well.
There might be cases when I decide rather not to write and post a review.
No matter what, I’ll always mention your book in a book haul! :)

What formats I accept?

Paperbacks, hardbacks, and e-books. I very much prefer real books, but I understand that sending books all over the world is quite pricey.

I'd love to help every author, but that's not possible when taking into account the number of e-mails I get. I'm just a mere human, I got no superpowers. I apologize if I didn't reply to your e-mail, but it means I'm not interested.

Also, this is a book blog, I'm not interested in anything that's not connected with literature.

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All reviews represent my honest opinion!

Rating System:
One Paw Print - No, sorry.

Two Paw Prints - Not bad, but nothing special.

Three Paw Prints - Nice book.

Four Paw Prints - Great book!

Five Paw Prints - Amazing book!

Many thanks to Lea @ LC's Adventures in Libraryland.