Happy New Year + Imbolc Giveaway

I hope you'll all have a fantastic year filled with wonderful books! :)

Congratulations to Kimberley, the winner of the Yule Giveaway! :)

For Imbolc I'm giving away a copy of The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman & Chris Riddell. The giveaway ends on February 1 and it's international. Before entering please read the rules. Good luck everyone! :)

There are 8 sabbats during the year and for every one I have a giveaway. As one sabbat is over the giveaway connected with it ends and a new one (connected with the next sabbat) starts. That’s why the giveaways last so long. I wanted continuity. Just to make things clear. :)

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Ula (Blog of Erised) said...

Happy New Year! :)

I have had a great haul this Chritmas, my favorite gifts being 2 Sanderson books. I wanted his novels for ages now and I finally have them! :)
Thanks for the giveaway! I have one as well, come check it out :)

Carina Olsen said...

Eeek! Thank you for this awesome giveaway. <3 I think this book sounds all kinds of awesome. I would love to win it :) Happy New Year sweetie. <3 My best present.. hmph. I loved all my presents, lol. But probably my two plush animals, lol, as they are the cutest :)

katie skeoch said...

Happy new year! I love Neil gaiman, my favourite gift was my candy shop selection of Yankee candles xx

fredamans said...

Happy new year!
Congrats Kimberley!
My best Christmas gift was the Cabbage Patch doll in 1982 when they came out. :-)

Mluckw said...

My best Christmas present was A World of Ice and Fire and a Game of Thrones blanket!

DMS said...

I love these wise words from Neil Gaiman! He is one of my favorites. Thanks for the chance to win a copy of this book. I haven't read it, but would love to!

My favorite Christmas present was the 1st two HP books in leather bound copies. Now if they would only come out with the rest of the series in leather bound.

Happy New Year!

Wendy Lange said...

My best Christmas present was a necklace from my son.
Thanks for the giveway!
Alexia Harvours on Rafflecopter

Bebberbe said...

happy new year--my favorite present was a fit ban --thank you for this giveaway

va said...

i havent received a christmas present in a while .

jc said...

Happy New Year!

My favorite present this year is a wall calender. A different hunk for each single month of the year, woohoo!!

Debbie Snell said...

A personalize calender from the kids with pics of them, art work, copuons for hugs and little notes.

Anonymous said...

My best Christmas present was a new smartphone from my dad.. :)

Britt said...

My family re-did a room in my house to be a nursery for my baby when i was like 5 months preggers. It was so perfect with all these cute lil animals on the walls and a gorgeous rocking chair that i use as a reading chair today!
<3 Britt

Haley Scully said...

My best Christmas present was the anime Karneval.

Bipasha Goswami said...

My fave Xmas was my eighth grade present (#tbt!) - a silver steampunk styled watch which had radium studs which glowed softly in the dark and worked on the kinetic energy of the hand to run the dials and springs. It was my grandmother's which explains the use of radium and the old-fashioned designing but it was awesome all the same.
Thanks for the giveaway and for helping my reminiscence old memories. :)

sayanything said...

My best Christmas present was US dollars for my trip to LA which I used to buy a ticket to Disneyland... money may not be able to buy happiness but it bought me entry to the happiest place on earth!!!!!

igea said...

Mi best present was a new bed ance toy for my dog.


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