Marry, Kiss, Cliff Tag

You probably all know this tag, so there's no need to explain the rules. I love to watch it on YT and I really wanted to try it as well. I cheated a bit, because I included some TV series characters as well. Hope you'll enjoy, because it wasn't easy to decide! ;)

Round 1:

First one and already so hard!

Mr Darcy - kiss
Sirius Black - cliff (I know, but... but he's dead anyway!)
Ron Weasley - marry

Round 2:

Jem Carstairs - marry
Robb Stark - kiss
Edward - cliff

Round 3:

Will Herondale - marry
Fred (Sally Lockhart series) - kiss
Jacob - cliff

Round 4:

Archer Cross - kiss
Remus Lupin - cliff (So sorry! :/)
Harry Potter - marry

Round 5:

Sam Winchester - marry
Levi (Fangirl) - kiss
Stark (House of Night) - cliff

Round 6:

Castiel - marry
Damon Salvatore - cliff
Cedric Diggory - kiss

Round 7:

Probably the hardest!

Jon Snow - kiss
Stefan Salvatore - marry
Inigo Montoya - cliff (That scene!)

Round 8:

Okay, this one was harder.

Tristran Thorn - marry
Dean Winchester - kiss
Severus Snape - cliff (This breaks my heart!)

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