Harry Potter Moment of the Week

Harry Potter Moment of the Week is a meme hosted by Leah at Uncorked Thoughts. The aim of this meme is to share with fellow bloggers a character, spell, chapter, object or quote from the books/films/J. K. Rowling herself or anything Potter related!

This week's question: Who would you most like to share a wand core with?
I like Ginny a lot, but I like Luna even more. She is kind, quirky, smart, and Ravenclaw! ;) And she's not afraid to be who she is. Also, she's got pretty cool name!


Micheline D said...

Luna!! ♥ I love how you mentioned both her and Ginny - two of my favorites as well :) Luna has an amazing heart and a sweet spirit but her quirkiness is the most awesome bit (I think) Love that she's a Ravenclaw as well!! Great pick ^^

Ula (Blog of Erised) said...

Oh you picked Luna, too. :) She's a very unique character and I would love to see what her wand would be doing. ^^ Probably as unique and independent as Luna. :D

Leah Woods said...

Ahhhh good taste :D haha. She is so brilliant. I'd love to share a wand core with her!

DMS said...

I love your answer! I stopped to think about my answer before I read your response and Luna was one of my top choices because I love her unique personality. :) She is so cool!

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