Review: Cocaine Blues (Phryne Fisher #1) by Kerry Greenwood

Cocaine Blues (Phryne Fisher #1) by Kerry Greenwood

This is where it all started! The first classic Phryne Fisher mystery, featuring our delectable heroine, cocaine, communism and adventure. Phryne leaves the tedium of English high society for Melbourne, Australia, and never looks back.
The London season is in full fling at the end of the 1920s, but the Honourable Phryne Fisher is rapidly tiring of the tedium of arranging flowers, making polite conversations with retired colonels, and dancing with weak-chinned men. Instead, Phryne decides it might be rather amusing to try her hand at being a lady detective in Melbourne, Australia.

What a delight this book was! It's set in the 1920s and the main character is a witty flapper, Phryne Fisher. As a proper flapper she is provocative and openly sexual, witty, fun to follow around, she carries a small gun, and she knows how to drive a sports car. There are some over the top things, like the fact she was taught how to use a knife by an Apache (Parisian gang) and a gigolo taught her tango. But she is definitely not a flat, typified flapper character. The author gave her depth with little things throughout the whole book. I have to say, I adore her!

Even though the author spends quite some time on describing her clothes and her love adventures, the story isn't shallow and these things actually help to create strong and independent female character. The book also shows variety of women, some who are in quite undesirable situation, all trying to live a happy and fulfilling life in this (still) very patriarchal world. And Phryne's good friend is a female doctor, called suffragette by other characters, whose inspiration is Dr Garrett Anderson

Despite the length (175 pages) of the book even other characters are quite well developed. I especially like Bert and Cec, though their red political orientation isn't something I'm crazy about.

All in all, it was a fun and light read with some serious stuff on the background. I already bought other four books in the series. :)



kara-karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews said...

This sounds absolutely delightful, Petra! :) So would you say it's a full book with this length or a novella?

Petra said...

Well, technically it's probably a novella, but it felt like a full book. :)

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