Review: Operation Bunny (Wings & Co, #1) by Sally Gardner

Operation Bunny (Wings & Co, #1) by Sally Gardner 

A brand-new quirky series about a fairy detective agency brimming with mystery and magic by million-copy selling author Sally Gardner, and illustrated by bestselling artist, David Roberts.

Emily Vole makes headline news in the first weeks of her life, when she is found in an abandoned hatbox in Stansted Airport.

Then, only a few years later, her neighbour Mrs String dies leaving Emily a mysterious inheritance: an old shop, a small bunch of golden keys and a cat called Fidget. It's the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime as the old Fairy Detective Agency comes back to life.

It is up to Emily to reopen the shop, and recall the fairies to duty. Together they must embark on their first mystery and do battle with their great fairy-snatching enemy, Harpella.

I enjoyed I, Coriander very much and since reading it I have been buying (and also winning!;)) other books by Sally Gardner. Operation Bunny was published just at the beginning of October. When I first noticed there was going to be a new book, I just had to pre-order it, so it arrived just a few days after it was published. And I started reading it immediately. :)
This is the first book in a new series for children, but as with all (good) children's books, this is a pleasure to read for adults as well. At least for me anyways.

It follows the story a little girl called Emily Vole. She's an orphan. Or is she? Who knows. One thing's for sure though, her start in life is more than sad. She's adopted by very superficial people who eventually turned Emily into their private slave. Thankfully, there was the wonderful neighbour Mrs String and her unusual cat called Fidget.

Emily is your typical orphan who was mistreated and who now wants to find out more about her family and her own destiny. In this aspect the story is not original, but personally I just can't get enough of brave orphans! The plot and the language are simple as one would expect from a children's story. But yet both the language and the plot created together a sweet and intelligent story full of wittiness and filled with loads of funny, sad, and scary moments.

If you liked any other book by Sally Gardner, or if you enjoyed Matilda by Roald Dahl, try Operation Bunny. It's a quick read for an adult and great story for a child. I'm surely going to pick up the next book in the series.



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