Review: Goddess of Spring

To save her failing bakery, Lina trades souls with Persephone, the Goddess of Spring... and starts falling for hunky Hades.

The autumn is almost here (hurrah!), so why not to review Goddess of Spring? :)

Let me start with saying that I'm not the biggest fan of chick-lit or even romance (with some exceptions). This book is definitely both, yet I still enjoyed it very much. Why? Because of the Greek mythology! The author obviously researched a lot, and then nicely wove together a story of a modern woman with the myth of Persephone. The way every little aspect of this myth was shown in this story and actually worked, that is something worth praising. Mythology is very popular nowadays, but not always it's treated well and right. But Cast just knows her mythology!

The main character was definitely likeable. I mean with her love for good wine and food, and special connection with animals, how could she not be likeable? :) 
I even enjoyed the romance. Even though the parts with Hades being shirtless and all sweaty while working in his forge made me chuckle. But still, the romance was kind of nice, though at times bittersweet, which probably made it enjoyable for me.

I loved the Underworld, what a place! It was portrayed nicely, with loads of details, but it was never boring!

What I also like is the fact that Cast is not fond of damsels in distress. Her heroines might be hurt and lost, but they are also strong and in the end they are able to find their way.

All in all a nice romance based on Greek mythology.

And now if you'll excuse me, I have a cup of Ambrosia to drink.



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