Review: Book of Shadows

Book of Shadows (Wicca, #1) by Cate Tiernan

Morgan and her best friend, Bree, are introduced to Wicca when a gorgeous senior named Cal invites them to join his new coven. Morgan falls for Cal immediately and discovers that she has strong, inexplicable powers.

I wish all the YA books were like this one. I'm enjoying the series very much, well, so far. :)
The first book is more of an introduction and the plot is quite simple. We meet Morgan who is kind of calm and shy girl, and her best friend Bree, the pretty (and shallow) one. At first Morgan seems like the more insecure person, but it is actually Bree who is the typical "my_parents_are_divorced_and_don't_have_time_for_me_so_I_compensate_it_somewhere_else" girl. Morgan on the other hand shows some growth even during the first book. She becomes stronger and more confident, even though she is unhappy about the way her relationship with Bree turned out. And of course, the reason there is bad blood between the two of them is the new guy, Cal. But his presence only helps to uncover who is a real friend and who is not.
I really enjoyed the Wiccan parts, the circles, connection with Earth and all the other magical parts. It was so lovely to discover all of this through Morgan's eyes. I felt happy for her. This actually made the series so much more interesting than any other YA series (maybe except the HoN series), but I have to admit, I'm totally biased here.
As I said, the plot was simple, but it was a great start for a series that seems to be more complicated and complex with every other book.



Coffee Monster said...

Witches! Yes! The title is very Charmed-like and I love those series so I'll give it a try.

Anonymous said...

So glad your reading this series... I loved it! This is one of the last paper_back_book_series I read. I would have to look at my blog.. but I believe I converted over to ebook after these. I have them all.

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I read this series a few years ago. It's really long; about fifteen books or so? I've actually forgotten what happens at the end, so maybe I should try re-reading these when my mid-year exams are over!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I still haven't gotten round to this series and I really need to!

Petra said...

I just finished the third book in the series and it's getting better and better! :)

Lena Reve said...

My favorite series of all time!Im glad you are enjoying it.

Anonymous said...

I've looked at your other review for this series and it does look promising! I don't know much about Wiccan so it'd be interesting to read!

Melissas Eclectic Bookshelf said...

This sounds like a great series! I need to find time to check it out!

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