Review: The Coven

The Coven (Wicca #2) by Cate Tiernan

Morgan's powers are stronger than she ever imagined. She has visions, she lights fires with her mind, and her spells work miracles. When her boyfriend Cal, a member of the same coven, insists that witchcraft is in her blood, Morgan is confused. Her parents definitely aren't witches. They do seem to be keeping something secret, though-something about Morgan's past.

The second book in the series was better than the first one. First of all, the characters. There are some new ones whose presence is intimidating and let you know that something way bigger is going on than you suspected in the beginning. Also, the main characters - Morgan, Cal, Robbie, Bree, and Morgan's family- became more interesting. Less flat, more complex. Everyone and everything isn't just black or white (as it sometimes happens, especially in the YA books). This matches well the whole Wicca theme where things aren't only good, or evil. 
Speaking of Wicca, the author obviously researched a lot, which I appreciate. However, the beliefs of Wicca are here more of a foundation, on which Cate Tiernan built her own world for this series. But so far everything seems to fit within the Wiccan philosophy.
I also enjoyed the romance part. Maybe because of the witchcraft that brought there real intimacy and more depth. It isn't just about how hot Cal is, fortunately!
I liked the special entries taken from different BoSs/diaries in the beginning of every chapter. This helped the story a lot. It created a rather sinister atmosphere, which I always love! :)
Again, the plot was quite simple, but it's getting more complicated and the little pieces start to create a bigger picture.



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I love the covers on these too!

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Me too! Better than the covers of the other editions, I think.

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