Review: Once A Goddess by Sheila R. Lamb

Once A Goddess by Sheila R. Lamb

Genre: myths, historical fiction

"Two tribes battle for control of ancient Ireland, and Brigid must find her place among them, trapped between the will of her people and the desires of her heart.  
For the sake of peace, Brigid of the supernatural Túatha dé Danann enters into an arranged marriage with Bres, the next chieftain of the enemy Fomorian tribe, whose iron weapons and brute strength challenge the Danann magic. The Danann instruct Brigid to spy for them, and to keep the source of their powers secret, dangerous tasks that complicate her goal of making the best of her forced union.
Set in a time when myths were reality, Once A Goddess brings the legend of Ireland's magical Túatha dé Danann to life. "
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The main reason why I wanted to read this book was simply my love for mythology. I didn't know much about the Túatha dé Danann, the Fomorians, or the Fir Bolg. I had heard about them, but that was it. So I thought, why not read a good story and learn something new? I expected to like the book, but this story was so much more than just "likeable". I think I enjoyed everything about this book, including the cover!

So let me start with the characters. We meet Brigid, the main character, as a slightly naive but already quite strong young woman. She is the character you enjoy, the character you immediately grow fond of, and you go through all the things with her. You feel her fear, her anger, her love, you experience the bitter taste of betrayal, as if all the things were happening to you.
She's not perfect, she makes mistakes. But she always tries for the best, she always fights for it, even though she is constantly torn between her loyalties and what her heart really desires. It was amazing to follow her story, although it was quite painful at times. She is a strong and complex character.
All the other characters had depth and were complex as well.

The story itself follows the myth of Túatha dé Danann, but the author managed to turn it into a captivating, strong, and powerful story. It captures not only the fate of Túatha dé Danann, but also several years of a life of a woman who sacrifices her own happiness for her people. Yeah, I cried. Several times.
All in all this is a great book, and I highly recommend it to everyone, especially to those people who like mythology, or Ireland, or both :)


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Nancy Cudis said...

i like mythology. that's why when i saw your link via bookblogs, i immediately checked your post. i just included once a goddess in my to-read list. nice review! is there a love element in the story?

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Hi Nancy -
There is definitely a love-triangle-element in Once A Goddess. Hope you enjoy it!
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Yes, there is a love element. Look at the cover :)

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