Review: Luna Moon Hare by Wendy Andrew

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Luna Moon Hare - A Magical Journey With The Goddess by Wendy Andrew


Genre: pagan, Celtic, folklore

Luna Moon Hare travels through the seasons, and through her travelling all eight Sabbats are described. At every Sabbat Luna meets a Celtic goddess who is connected with the concrete time.

"This is the magical way,
As you carry the crown through night and day;
The season's song will shift and change.
All elements will rearrange.
My path is neither short nor long,
For how can you measure the tune of a song?
Dance the path in step with your heart.
And by the end you'll be ready to start..."

One of my favourite books, which is always pleasure to open and browse through. I can't really say more than that I just love this book. Not only because its content is close to my heart, but the wonderful pictures that complete the story are so beautiful! Both, the text and the illustrations, are creation of Wendy Andrew.

This book would probably be most adored by those who chose to walk any of the (neo-)pagan paths, but anyone can enjoy this simply as a folklore/fairy-tale book.

If you'd like to see the pictures from this book, have a look here.


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