Review - The Violets of March

The Violets of March by Sarah Jio


Genre: romance, mystery

I like old diaries found, family secrets to be revealed after a long time, and stories of two generations in one book, yeah, I like that kind of mystery. I also like violets (and the colour!), seaside, gardens, and the beginning of spring. And it was all in this book, mingled, intertwined, and it all worked together well. Often mysteries are quite predictable, not in this case. At first it seemed so, but as I read more I realized it was all otherwise.
Also, the characters were believable, very human. I liked Emily, but most of all I loved Esther, but then again, everyone loved her, right? I liked Elliot and Jack, especially because they were capable of comprehending women like Esther and Emily. That is also the reason why I despised Bobby, and I know, he was a nice and decent guy. But as Esther said, he had her as his special trophy, because she was so beautiful and everyone was crazy about her. But did he really love her, or did he just love the idea that he had such a kind of woman? Yes, I really despised him for this, because for him Esther was only "a beauty", but he totally failed to see her as a human being, and probably he was too limited to see her for what she really was, a passionate, creative woman.
The ending was also very good, a nice closure to everything, and as every ending it was also a new beginning.
And I'm definitely going to read Years of Grace!

It might seem I gave away too much about the story, but don't worry, I didn't. So if you like a good romance flavoured with mystery, go for it! :)


trailsofthepen said...

Thanks for dropping by. This certainly an interesting book to check out. I saw the trailer and read the summary and was intrigued about the diary she found. New follower too.

Petra said...

Exactly, I was intrigued by the diary as well. If you decide to read it, let me know whether you liked it! :)

Bookie Bee said...

I have been seeing this book everywhere! The plot sounds intriguing! Being a human beings, when I hear the word "diary", I just HAVE to know WHAT is in the diary, no matter what! :)
Thanks for the great review!

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