Graphic Novel: Agnesa Drake

Announcement time! :)

You might remember that I've talked about working on a graphic novel. The amazing artist I had worked on it with initially had to step out of the project for personal reasons.

Today, however, I'm excited to announce that I'm working with the talented Mariel Ypil! :)
You can find her on Instagram and Twitter. You can purchase her art through her Etsy shop and you can read her blog here.
We have talked a lot about the story, and there have been some changes. Here is the first sneak peek of the main character, Agnesa Drake! :)


Are you participating? :)
I am, and I'm hoping to make some real progress on my novel called Forest Vixen. I'm reworking a big part of it.
The above illustration (by the amazing Julia Korpushova) is of the main character, Enid, who is a hedge witch. Forest Vixen is a low fantasy story which explores otherness (gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, etc.) and the difficulties while finding your own identity, it focuses on female friendship, and it's through and through an ode to Nature. And there's the fair folk in it! :)

Here is the very short prologue:

"I’ve lived countless lives. How many, I can’t remember. I’ve seen and encountered too much to reckon. Great loves and even greater betrayals. Wars, periods of peace, rises and falls. All in different times, but in a way all the same. History repeating itself over and over again.
I don’t recall many details, only tastes, colours, scents, and feelings. Here and there are some events that I can still see clearly, but they are rare. I can’t even remember my own lives properly. They blend together at some points, at others they differ immensely, but most of the time I can’t tell one from another. There is only one life that I can’t ever forget, the one that taught me the most. About people. And about myself. 
My name was Enid, but they called me Forest Vixen."

Graphic Novel

Announcement time!

The very talented Morrighan Corbel ( and I are working on an adaptation of one of my short stories. Exciting times! Here is a little sneak peek. :)
Can you guess the era and place?

In the Dark Corner, I Stood Alone Poster

Anastasia made this enchanting poster for In the Dark Corner, I Stood Alone!

You can buy the book here: